Wild Geese (2005)


This album was conceived to celebrate the launch of Banner Theatre’s First of May Band and to mark the company’s 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2005.


The CD, which features songs from both Migrant Voices (2001/2003) and Wild Geese (2005), encapsulates the bitter experiences of migrants the world over, leaving their native lands and loved ones in search of work, refuge and survival. The songs are based on extensive interviews with migrants and refugees and their families, and is a tribute to their courage and resourcefulness in the face of hardship and oppression.


  1. What’s It All About?
  2. Wild Geese
  3. Too Much Pressure
  4. Payam’s Song
  5. Halabja
  6. The Great Divide
  7. Marsinah
  8. I’m A Cook, I’m A Cleaner
  9. Mother, Mother
  10. Open Borders
  11. War




Writing and Research

Dave Rogers was primarily responsible for composing all lyrics.

Tunes for Wild Geese, Payam’s Song and Marsinah by Dave Rogers.

Music and arrangements for all other songs created collaboratively by Fred Wisdom, Jilah Bakhshayesh, Dave Rogers and Charlie Davis.

Interview recordings by Dave Rogers and Pervaiz Khan.



Banner Musicians:      Dave Rogers (Vocals); Fred Wisdom (Guitars, vocals and music direction; Jilah Bakhshayesh (Vocals and violin); Charlie Davis (Vocals)

Guest Musicians:        Ian Reid (Yamaha Bass); Jonathan Crust (Trumpet); Chris Bowden (Alto sax; Ashley Sheehan (Drums)


Recording and Production: Charlie Davis. Mastering by Purdy Bhogal


Photography: Bruce Coleman (Cover picture of snow geese); Kevin Hayes (First of May Band members)


Sleeve Design by Kevin Hayes



Special thanks to all the many people whose stories were the basis for the songs we wrote, especially Payam Bakhshayesh, Houzan Mahmoud, Jim Arnison and Faisal, Aso, Mohammad and Ayman and the many others who, for their own security, felt unable to leave their names.