Support Us

As a result of an ever more competitive and reduced funding environment, increasingly hostile to the kind of political cultural work Banner is dedicated to, Banner has been struggling to maintain its core resources for many years now.

Banner is not revenue-funded, and we rely solely on project grants, commissions, performance fees and donations to finance our work. This has never been enough to fund a year-round administrative base (including administrative, marketing and fundraising workers). Aside from a handful of freelance workers, we depend on experienced company members donating their time to keep Banner afloat, and to continue delivering powerful theatrical productions.

If you would like to join the growing number of people who are making a regular donation to help meet Banner’s base costs, please contact us
by mail at:
or by phone on: 07891 701133 OR 0845 458 1909 (charged at 3p per minute)

Alternatively, or in addition to a cash donation, do consider purchasing one of our fantastic CDs, DVDs or songbooks. They are a wonderful souvenir, and make an ideal gift.

See the Shop page for detail.

Thank you.