Core Funding Appeal 2020

In 2019 we launched an appeal across the trade union movement to keep the company on the road. In solidarity, 86 union branches, trades councils, regional and national unions donated a total of £20,200. This response was absolutely brilliant and enabled us to employ a part-time administrator, buy some much-needed new equipment, keep our aging tour bus on the road for another year, and subsidise a substantial number of performances along the way!  

In a funding environment ever more hostile to progressive and socialist organisations, we still need to raise £25,000 this year to cover essential core costs, and also to employ a part-time tour organiser to help us extend our touring base and reach wider audiences.

We are therefore asking supporters to commit to a regular annual donation, no matter how small, either through a Standing Order or through a direct repeat request from us in 12 months’ time.

Your support would enable us not only to continue our long-standing solidarity work, but also get our pro-trade union, anti-exploitation campaigning shows out to even wider audiences. It would also give us the capacity to develop and train a new, younger layer of political, cultural activitists to support the many Trade Union and community struggles that still lie ahead.

If you would like to join the growing number of trade unions and trades councils who are making a regular donation to help meet Banner’s core costs, please contact Stuart
by email at:
or by phone on: 07891 701133 

Alternatively, or in addition to a cash donation, do consider purchasing one of our fantastic CDs, DVDs or songbooks. They are a wonderful souvenir, and make an ideal gift.

See the Shop page for detail.

Thank you.

Donate either using the PayPal button above, OR make cheques payable to ‘Banner Theatre Company Ltd’ and post to:

Banner Theatre, c/o Unit 1, Izons Industrial Estate, Oldbury Road, West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 9BS

OR by BACS payments: Banner Theatre Company Ltd / Sort code: 40-11-17 / Account no: 31161334

We are very grateful to have received financial support from the following trade unions and trade union councils in 2019:


Fire Brigades Union (FBU)

UNITE the Union

Transport & Salaried Staff Association (TSSA)

Bakers, Food & Allied Workers Union (BAFWU)

Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers & Firemen (ASLEF)

The Communications Union (CWU)

Union of Shop, Distributive & Allied Workers (USDAW)

Social Workers Union (SWU)


Professional Footballers Association (PFA)

Regional & local branches

UNITE West Midlands Region

UNITE South East Region

UNITE Tom Mann Branch

UNITE Nottingham University Branch

UNITE Milton Keynes Branch

UNITE Chorley Branch

UNITE Doncaster Branch

UNITE Sheffield East Branch

UNITE Tyneside Electrical Engineering & Electronics Sectoral Branch

UNITE Huddersfield Branch

UNITE Newcastle University Branch

UNITE Hull Branch

UNITE West Yorks Retail Logistics Branch

UNITE Liverpool Construction Branch

UNITE Nottinghamshire Health Branch

Greater Manchester UNITE Community Branch

UNITE Durham RTC NE Branch

UNITE Birmingham South Branch

UNITE Manchester Central Branch

UNITE Bolton & District Branch

UNITE South Yorks Retired Members Branch

UNITE Preston Branch

UNITE NE/5 Leeds, Wakefield, York Branch

UNITE Burnley Branch

UNITE NW 6/522 Branch

UNITE Community Nottingham Branch

UNITE Community Huddersfield Branch

UNITE Rolls Royce Aerostaff Derby Branch

UNITE Merseyside Area Civil Engineering Branch                                                                     

UNITE Yorks & Humberside Energy & Utilities Branch

UNITE NW/64 BEA Systems Branch

UNITE Fylde Coast                                                                                                                        

UNITE Scunthorpe NE/GEO/5 Branch                                                                                         

UNITE Leicestershire Retired Members

UNITE Landrover WM 7686 Branch

UNITE LE/2116 Branch

UNITE Darwin 236

UNITE LE/1860 Branch

UNITE Portsmouth Composite SE/218 Branch

UNITE LE Fenland Community Branch


GMB WM & Birmingham Region

GMB Yorks & North Derbyshire Region

GMB Southern Region

GMB Barking & Dagenham Branch

GMB Cambridge 2 Branch

GMB Barking Shopstewards

GMB North West London Branch

GMB Harlow Gas H20 Branch

GMB Luton Branch



UNISON Eastern Region

UNISON Warrington United Utilities Branch

UNISON Manchester Branch

UNISON Burnley 06/ Branch

UNISON Knowsley Branch

UNISON Scottish Health Branch

UNISON Lothian Health Branch                                                                                                     

UNISON Lanarkshire Health Branch

UNISON National Grid

UNISON St Helens Knowsely Health Branch

Greater Manchester Mental Health UNISON Branch

UNISON Napier University Branch

UNISON Glasgow City Branch

UNISON Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Community Health Branch

UNISON City of Wolverhampton Local Gov Branch


Nottingham Ex & Retired Miners Branch

UCU University of Coventry Branch

Musicians Union, Midlands Region

Nottingham NUJ Branch

TSSA West Midlands

Nottinghamshire NEU Division


TUC & Trades Union Councils

Barnsley Trades Union Council

Colchester Trades Union Council

TUC, London, East & South East

Ipswich & District Trades Union Council

Wisbech, March & District TUC