Elixir of Life (1992)


The songs in Elixir of Life are based on the recorded experiences of people on the edge of David Cameron’s “classless” society. David and Goliath is a celebration of the continuation of struggle across different terrains: Palestinian Davids take on Israeli Goliaths; Black people in Soweto defy the South African state; Republican hunger strikers lay down their lives for Irish freedom.

This is a cassette.

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Writing and Research

All songs by Dave Rogers, apart from Blood on the Coal, written by Maria Tolly for a Banner play.

The tape recordings were made by Dave Rogers and Frances Rifkin.


Banner Musicians:      Dave Rogers (Vocals, acoustic guitar); Dave Dale (Vocals, acoustic, electric and bass guitars)

Guest Musicians:        Pam Bishop (Concertina); Ron Collins (Drums and percussion); Chris Jones (Electric guitar, bass, keyboard and midi percussion); Katherine Rogers (Alto saxophone and clarinet).

Recording and Production

Originally recorded in 1992 and produced by Chris Jones (Production and programming), Dave Rogers and Dave Dale, at the former Jubilee Arts (now The Public), Sandwell.

Re-mastering 2005: Aidan Jolly, Well Red Productions and Charlie Davis


Kevin Hayes, Nigel Dickenson, John Sturrock/Network, Republican News.

Sleeve Design by Kevin Hayes


Banner would like to thank all the Jubilee workers who helped us make this tape: Gary Stewart, Tony Stanley and Keith Poison, and in particular Chris Jones, who not only took the major role in musical direction and sound engineering, but played on some of the tracks as well.

Banner would also like to thank the following people whose voices we use on the tape: Pet Coleman, Peggy Gilbert, Harold Hancock, Brian Keith, lan Morrison, Ray Patton, Brenda Proctor, Bob Whiskens, and last, and definitely least, George Bush Senior for his incisive and thought-provoking contribution.

Finally, we would like to thank Dave Butler, Joyce Canaan, Jacqueline Contré, John Pymm and Maureen Russell for their support.