Free For All (2019)

All the songs on this CD have been selected from a number of Banner Theatre productions past and present that focused on the effects of austerity, and the gradual and deliberate dismantling of the welfare state, and the NHS in particular. 

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1. Lewisham Porky Pies 

Interview clip: Anita Downes, Palliative Care Nurse, Lewisham Hospital

2. I Believe In You 

Interview clip: Su Lowe, Health Visitor

3. Broken City 

4. Gold, Greed, Avarice 

Interview clip: Allyson Pollock, Professor of Public Health Research and Policy, Newcastle University

5. I Read The News Today 

Interview clip: Christos, Disabled People Against Cuts

6. Scapegoat

7. Rise, Like Lions 

8. Which Side 

Interview clip: Becky Everett, Teaching Assistant

9. We’re Not Going back 

Interview clip: Elizabeth Ogden, Health Campaigner

10. Milk And Honey 

Produced and engineered by Vince Pryce. 

Mastered by Matt Cook.

All songs written by Dave Rogers, with additional lyrics by Vince Pryce on Land of Milk and Honey. The tunes and arrangements were created collaboratively.

Banner Theatre Musicians: Rosie Cartlidge, Philippa Girling, Anthony Gouldburne, Vince Pryce, Dave Rogers, John Sanderson, Damon Wilding, Fred Wisdom.

Image & jacket design by Dave Walsh.