Enough Is Enough


Powerful and stirring songs, satire and video interviews

with frontline workers and activists!

NHS, The Great Public Health Robbery

A celebration of our NHS, those who fought to establish it, and the fightback today to defend it from cuts, closures, wage freezes, and privatisation. No, to their American style health care system!

The Working Class Are Back!

With profits booming, prices rising, and political and corporate corruption at an all-time high, the workers are fighting back.

Fantastic, funny, moving, entertaining and educational, strengthened my resolve to fight on”

– Hayley Garner, UNITE Southampton City Council Branch Secretary

Isn’t it time we had a society that really works for the many and not the few?
Isn’t it time we said “Enough is Enough?”
Isn’t it time we had a General Strike!