The Future Makers (2013)

Austerity, cuts, joblessness, bedroom tax, benefit changes, tuition fees – it’s not a pretty world in 2013 for our younger generation!

Banner Theatre’s new production, The Future Makers, is a 70-minute multimedia explosion of sounds, songs, beats, rhymes, drama and cutting edge filmmaking.

Hear the views and opinions of young people as they struggle to make sense of a world collapsing around them, and their fight to save vital youth services in their local communities. Follow Tom and Ali’s journey as they join the growing opposition against the government’s austerity programme and uncover the real facts behind the tabloid headlines. Are we really ‘all in this together’ as the politicians claim? Is society going to be a fairer place once the cuts have been imposed?

Rather than demonising young people as ‘feral’, ‘mindless thugs’ whose actions are indicative of a wider ‘moral collapse’, The Future Makers powerfully demonstrates how young peoples’ insights into their own lives can create a more hopeful and supportive future for our society.

This show takes Banner’s proud tradition of “actuality theatre”, performance based on the voices of real people from our communities, and thrusts it into the 21st century with a bang!

The Future Makers is touring to youth and community venues throughout the summer, autumn and winter of 2013 and Spring 2014.

The Future Makers has been funded by Arts Council England, UNITE The Union, UNISON and the GFTU.


The Future Makers (song)