Banner Theatre’s First of May Band on tour

Enough is Enough

Under the guise of tackling the pandemic, the ruling elite have used a health care crisis of their own making to push through brutal right-wing policies that will further enrich the super-rich at our expense. 

Throughout the pandemic, Banner has been actively involved in supporting the many progressive campaigns that have sprung up to fight back against these policies, as well as offering solidarity to working class struggles that have kicked off internationally. Enough is Enough is a cultural clenched fist born out of all those struggles. 

Enough is enough, listen to the nurses roar

Enough is enough, we’re not your little angels anymore!

Song written for the Nurses United campaign for a 15% pay rise

Enough is Enough merges powerful, funny and stirring songs with music, video interviews and graphics to meet the diverse political and financial needs of campaigning organisations. 

You choose the focus and the fee, and we deliver! 

We can provide a three-person mini-show for tight budgets, or a full band line-up for demos rallies, festivals and larger concerts.

From the fight against privatisation of the NHS to the anti-racist militancy of the Black Lives Matter movement, and international mobilisations such as the campaigns against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the great Indian farmers’ struggle, you decide on the themes best suited for your audiences. 

Modi, are you listening? We are not afraid

200,000 tractors crossed your barricades

Red, green and yellow turbans in the sun

A tidal wave of workers! Our fight has begun

Song written for the Indian Workers’ Association GB

The tour will be linked to the release of our latest album, also titled Enough is Enough.

To book us, contact Dave Rogers on